Coastal workfoce housing


The Coastal Workforce Housing Society is a grassroots group of community members aiming to address the mismatch between income on the Sunshine Coast, and affordable housing for local workers.

About Coastal Workforce Housing

Coastal Workforce Housing Society is undertaking deliberate and thoughtful action to embed a culture of workforce housing on the Sunshine Coast, which means that if you come to this community to work full-time in a sector where your skills are needed most (hospitality, tourism, health, retail, food services, trades, to name a few) you will be able to find suitable accommodation that is in line with the scope of your pay and budget.

The society is also looking at creative build options to help locals transition from rentals to affordable, most likely first time homeownership. They keep a close eye on a model implemented in Whistler, BC and at the same time are designing for what best suits the Sunshine Coast region now and into the future.



Community Futures

Sunshine Coast regional Development Organization

Sunshine coast credit union


Society’s Constitution

The Purposes of the Society are:

  • To work with community stakeholders to create and to produce appropriate and affordable housing for the workforce (employees) on the Sunshine Coast.
  • To work collaboratively with local municipal governmental bodies on the Sunshine Coast who are committed to building workforce and employee affordable rental as well as home ownership housing.

  • To work collaboratively with other non-profit organizations that are committed to supporting workforce affordable housing.

  • To build workforce housing accommodations that may also be part of or integrated with a mix of other generic affordable housing projects which may include some level of market housing.



  • To build integrated workforce housing that is inclusive for the special need handicapped adults who are in the workforce and who live independently.
  • To build workforce housing that fosters and strives to create stronger networks within the community that enable people to have a more fulfilling, sustainable and healthier lifestyle in the communities on the Sunshine Coast.

  • To monitor workforce housing needs on the Sunshine Coast and carry out appropriate and necessary research related to workforce affordable housing.

  • To seek ways to develop social enterprise opportunities that would assist and enable the organization to become more financial.




David Reed, President