Kiwanis CLUB Housing society

The Kiwanis Club Housing Society is committed to providing affordable seniors housing. They operate the Kiwanis Village Apartments that provide 42 affordable rental units for seniors. 



The Kiwanis Club Housing Society operates two rental buildings that provide 42 affordable units for seniors in Gibsons, BC.  It offers residents independent living options as well as a variety of amenities and services. 

The property is being developed to provide 75 new affordable units for seniors. During the construction process, one of the older existing apartment buildings will be removed. At project completion, there will be an additional 56 new (net) units for a total of 98 units on the property.


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Kiwanis Village Apartments – Seniors Housing

Phase 1:

This first phase of the project includes the development of a new apartment building with 29 1-bedroom affordable units for seniors. The new building will be attached to the north side of the present Heritage Apartment Building. Construction will begin during the spring of 2023.

After completion of Phase 1, one of the older apartment buildings will be removed and tenants from that building will be relocated into the new building.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the project involves the development of a 3-storey apartment building with 47 1-bedroom affordable units for seniors.

The overall project includes the development of a net total of 56 affordable rental units over three years.  Upon project completion, Kiwanis Village will have a total of 98 affordable rental units.

  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • Age Requirement: 55+

  • BC Residency




824 Kiwanis Way
Gibsons, BC V0N 1V9