shíshálh Nation

The swiya of the shíshálh people lies between Queens Reach in Jervis Inlet and Howe Sound on the south coast of British Columbia. Historically there were four main settlements at kalpilin (Pender Harbour), ts’unay (Deserted Bay), xenichen (Jervis Inlet) and tewankw near Porpoise Bay.


shíshálh Nation is committed to innovation in program and service delivery designed to assist our members and community to achieve greater independence, wellness and self-sufficiency. Foundational to our shared work is the protection, promotion, and practice of shíshálh culture, language and laws within our swiya.

Tsain-Ko Development Corporation is the parent company of the shíshálh Nation’s economic development arm and is involved in carrying out its economic functions including housing. 

Housing Partners



Our House of Clans

Number of Units:  34 affordable housing units

Type of Units: Units ranging from studios to 3-bedroom family units, to help meet the highest priority needs for the Nation.


Supportive Family Housing

  • In November 2022, shíshálh Nation completed the construction of three supportive housing duplexes that will accommodate six families.
  •  The shíshálh Nation Supportive Family Housing Program supports women, children and families with safe, stable housing, and access to resources, programs and services that will help them reach their fullest potential.
  • This is a flexible strategy that recognizes that the housing continuum is not linear but rather cyclical in nature and must consider all the supports a person or household needs to maintain stable housing throughout the life cycle.

Selma Park Development

Number of Units: 45 lots (Phase 1); 180 lots total

Type of Units:

  • 40 will be for single-family homes
  • 3 quadplexes
  • 2 lots for duplexes

Rent Model:
Once complete, the subdivision will include a mix of properties for rent or mortgaged by Nation members.



5555 Sunshine Coast Highway
Sechelt, B.C.
(604) 885-2273