Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society


The Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society (SCAHS) is a non-profit organization established in 2016.


Their mission is to acquire, develop and operate a range of affordable, quality housing options for Sunshine Coast residents.  They envision a Sunshine Coast where a range of affordable quality housing options are readily available; and are accepted as an essential component of strong communities.

The society is operated by an 8-person board and an administrator.  They are supported by a small team of part-time volunteers.

Their partners include BC Housing, the Town of Gibsons, and New Commons Development.

The society is currently managing the development multiple affordable housing projects.


bc housing

Town of Gibsons

New Commons Development


Franklin Road

This project is a partnership between the Town of Gibsons, BC Housing, and SCAHS. The development utilizes municipal property that is not suitable for a typical residential dwelling.  The lots are abnormally shaped and located at the end of a laneway.

  • Suitable for two families plus a single individual or couple
  • Units will feature adaptability functions for people with accessibility requirements
  • Estimated completion date:  April 2021 with a move in date of May 1st.


Revenue Model

1.Provincial Government

Capital Grant from BC Housing

2.Land lease

A long-term land lease with the Town of Gibsons

3. Municipal Government

A $50,000 contribution from the Town of Gibsons Affordable Housing Reserve


A community fundraising effort with the goal of raising $50,000

3 Bedroom Unit
2 Bedroom Laneway House
Studio Suite

Shaw Road

This project is a partnership between the Town of Gibsons, New Commons Development, BC Housing, and SCHAC.  It will be situated on four acres of land owned by the Town of Gibsons.  The development will designate 50% of the units for affordable housing.  The team will also explore opportunities for a community housing campus on the site that integrates affordable housing, community spaces, and supportive seniors care facilities.


  • Phase 1: a 40-unit development that will house approximately 100 people. Phase 2: an additional 30 units.
  • Mix of unit types including studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom suites
  • 50% of the units will be used for affordable housing
  • Currently in Development Phase / No completion date determined.
Revenue Model

1.Federal Government

A grant from CMHC for feasibility analysis, geotechnical work, permitting, and design

2.Land lease

A long-term land lease with the Town of Gibsons

3.Provincial Government

Awaiting funding approval from BC Housing for capital expenditures




Society Administrator