The Sunshine Coast Alliance for Seniors’ Care Co-op (SCASCC) is a non-profit, nonpartisan grassroots organization working to improve care for local seniors, including implementing alternative co-op housing models.

About Sunshine Coast Alliance for Seniors Care Co-op

SCASCC is working to improve care for local seniors by creating an alliance of individuals and organizations to work together to build multi-stakeholder models of co-operative care for seniors on the Sunshine Coast. Their goal is to help launch local multi-stakeholder health care co-operatives for specific types of seniors’ care.

All stakeholders in the SCASC Co-operatives will be members: seniors, families, healthcare workers. Allies and supporters will include provincial, Indigenous and local governments, labour unions, credit unions and other community organizations.

The Co-op’s vision includes adult day programming, assisted living, respite care, long-term care, and community supports. The focus is on providing respectful, compassionate and participatory care to an aging population on the Coast. Their self-governance model of participatory seniors’ care will be a pioneer project in British Columbia.

SCASCC is operated by a six-member volunteer steering committee.

Partners & Funders

BC Co-op Association

Seniors Planning Table

Victoria Health Co-operative

Co-operatives First

Initial Objectives

1. Welcome any ideas or suggestions related to seniors’ care on the Sunshine Coast from Port Melon to Lund.

2. Develop and promote projects designed to enable aging in place for seniors who wish to remain at home as long as possible.

3. Create assisted living projects designed to promote seniors’ wellness and independence.

4. Promote Reconciliation through new and innovative partnership senior care projects with the Shishalh and Tla’amin First Nations.

5. Educate seniors, families and allies in senior health and social policy, and in the governance of long-term care and assisted living facilities.

6. Empower seniors, families and allies to develop self-help and self-care programs.

7. Design, build and co-manage with other stakeholder groups, long-term care and assisted living projects on the Sunshine Coast that provide the highest-level quality of care and degree of inclusion and autonomy possible, to support mutual respect and self-help.