SUNSHINE COAST Association for community living


Sunshine Coast Association for Community Living (SCACL) has been operating since 1959. They envision a thriving community that offers meaningful work, full community inclusion and one that advances citizenship. 


SCACL supports people (and their families) living with a range of intellectual disabilities.  They strive to create opportunities for their members to have a voice, to be able to self-advocate and to be involved in the decision-making process.  SCACL manages a wide variety of CARF accredited housing options primarily for persons with disabilities.  Supports vary from full supports for those that require all aspects of daily care, to complementary supports for those who live independently.

SCACL also manages market housing, affordable housing units, and is a host agency for Comunity Living BC’s Shared Living (Homeshare) Program.

Housing Partners

Affordable Housing Society

Lions Club Housing

Coastal Workforce Housing Society

Housing Projects

Staffed Residential Facilities

SCACL operates five residential care homes for adults with developmental disabilities who require full support with daily living skills.  All five homes are licensed under the Community Care Act and follow licensing standards. Individuals are referred to the residences through Community Living B.C. or Ministry of Children and Family Development.


Shared Living/Home Share

SCACL is a host agency for Commuity Living BC’s Shared Living (Homeshare) program and coordinates numerous Homeshares on the Sunshine Coast.  SCACL is responsible for recruiting, screening, and matching individuals with a home environment that best meets their needs.  SCACL also monitors the Homeshare resource and Quality of Life of Person-Served.  Typically, Shared living is one where caregivers are responsible for supporting an individual in the caregiver’s own home.

Affordable Housing

SCACL owns four suites in the Midtown complex that are reserved for persons with disabilities and offer a low, all inclusive, monthly rental amount.  The units are 508 sq ft. and are suitable for a single person on a disability pension.  Suites are in high demand and have a low turnover rate.  All suites are fully accessible.

SCACL also manages two other market rent suites in the community that have a rental subsidy thanks to a partnership with BC Housing.

Market Housing

SCACL manages four market suites in downtown Sechelt. SCACL adheres to the B.C. Residential Tenancy Act for all of its property management. The suites are available and advertised to all citizens. Two other market rent suites in the community have a rental subsidy thanks to a partnership with BC Housing. SCACL is currently developing a partnership with The Sunshine Coast Lions Society and B.C. Housing for an additional six suites. Theses suites will hopefully be completed by Spring 2022. More information will be posted as the development continues, including how to apply.



Sunshine Coast Association for Community Living

Clarence Li, Executive Director