Sunshine Tiny Homes


Sunshine Tiny Homes works with local vendors and service providers to build eco-friendly, high quality tiny houses that focus on sustainability, maximizing outdoor spaces, and offer off grid solutions.

About Sunshine Tiny Homes

Sunshine Tiny Homes was created knowing the need for smaller homes and to provide more options for long and short-term housing on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.  They strive to not only bring small home selections, but also to stay ahead of the industry by focusing on safety, security and sustainability of their homes.

Sunshine Tiny Homes builds many CSA standard models and can also build custom homes. Financing applications are available on their website. 


Tiny Home Alliance

Community Futures


Secondary Auxiliary Dwelling Pilot Project

Sunshine Tiny Homes is spearheading a pilot project to implement Tiny Homes as an alternative to a secondary auxiliary dwelling on properties.  This has the potential to open up 20 tiny houses per electoral area, 100 per year, and 300 in total for the 3 year pilot project.


Sunshine Tiny Homes

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